Saturday, January 12, 2008

Century Massage

Some of you may recall I complained a few months back about pulling a muscle in my back.

I've been slowly getting better, with the help of a couple months of physical therapy, which ended in December. I even started getting back on my workout schedule at the end of December.

But the muscle knots reached a plateau of healing, then refused to get any better (as in, go away).

Early this week I finally got off my duff and sought out a massage therapist specialized in sports medicine. The knots ease up with a tennis ball on a wall--maybe someone who knows what they are doing would work even better?

I found Century Massage in Renton. This place isn't about hot stones or scented oils. Its about heavy duty muscle manipulation designed to break up knots. After 30 minutes, I knew I was on to something.

I went again this morning, and the numbness I've been feeling in my pointer finger on my right hand since September has finally dissipated. I have a whole new outlook on the year. Here's to avoiding hurting myself in 2008!
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