Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Candidates: Humane or Not So Much?

East Hill Pet Sitter (via Susan Metters) provides another lens for us to look at the candidates for president: what's their record regarding the voiceless creatures of the earth who have no one but us to be their advocates?
[...]The links below detail where our presidential candidates stand on animal welfare. It’s based on their track record of how they've voted on animal issues in the past, and also anything that's been in the news about the candidate and animals.

It was written about a month ago so it includes candidates that have since dropped out of the race. Even if you've already voted in the caucus it's good to have this information when the time comes to vote for the office of the President.

We are the voice for the animals. If we don’t stand up for them there’s nothing else. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the President of the United States were a humane and compassionate fellow mortal?

Assessment of the Democratic candidates:

Assessment of the Republican candidates:
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