Thursday, March 28, 2013

Play D&D Next at Norwescon 36

I'll be running a D&D game at Norwescon 36 tomorrow (Friday) south of Seattle. Six seats, three alts. I'll be running with the rules in the  #DnDNext  playtest packet, which you can download for free at However, I'll be providing characters--all you need to bring is dice and something to write with. And maybe some graph paper.

The #norwescon  convention programming director tells me that instead of their standard signup sheet, they will raffle off seats for this game. Max of 6 players and 3 alternates. Players will need to be ready to sit at the table by 5 minutes into the hour or the first available alternate will be placed in the vacant seat.

The raffle will be part of their standard hourly attendance drawing. Which tickets are given to those who participate in games. One ticket for one hour. One ticket is drawn every hour. One daily prize is drawn per day. The expectation is that they will have the 9 players by 12pm on Friday ready for the game.

Norwescon 36 Gaming Schedule

D&D Next Rules Free Download

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