Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nov 6: Election Results in WA state, from the Bruce perspective

The Good: Lot's of good news in WA state. For instance, in WA's 8th district for House, Reichert's (GOP) replacement Dino Rossi (GOP) lost to Kim Schrier (D, female), flipping a long-held GOP district (under Reichert) to a seat that helped take the House away from Trump.

The Bad: OTOH, the money flooding in from everywhere to defeat the proposed carbon tax in WA did its job convincing regular people that assigning a cost to greenhouse gas emission was somehow scarier than eventual climate catastrophe, defeating the measure.

The Hopeful: Even more hyper-locally, Mona Das (D, female) is still neck-and-neck with Jo Fain (GOP) for the47th District state senate seat. Fingers crossed! (For Mona Das.)