Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Norwescon 33

I'll be on several panels at Norwescon 33 this weekend. I'll be sitting in on several panels, plus doing a couple writer's critiques. In my spare time, I hope to attend a few talks by Vernor Vinge, Cory Doctorow, and John Cramer.

Norwescon is "the Northwest’s Premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention; Norwescon is one of the largest regional Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the United States. While maintaining a primarily literary focus, Norwescon is large enough to provide a venue for many of the other aspects of Science Fiction and Fantasy and the interests of its fans such as anime, costuming, art, gaming, and much, much more."

My schedule will be thus:

Friday, Noon, Evergreen 2
Build a Better Adventure
What makes a good adventure? One that players can't wait to continue; that they spend their off-time thinking about and planning for until they play again? Join our gaming panelists in a discussion of how to design better adventures Erik Mona (M), Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell, James Jacobs
1 PM writing critique
3 PM Friday, Evergreen 2
What is D&D?
D&D has been through a number of editions, each of which has changed the rules and the core setting around it. In the past few years, games like Pathfinder, Castles and Crusades, and Swords & Wizardry have emerged from the OGL to offer their take on traditional, D&D fantasy gaming. What is the core of D&D; and what allows it to remain so popular despite the rise of digital games? Wolfgang Baur (M), Jason Bulmahn, Bruce R. Cordell, Chris Pramas
Saturday 11 AM, Cascade 8
Forgotten Realms: Past, Present, Future
Since 1987, this campaign setting has grown and developed, generating over two hundred novels, dozens of computer RPGs, and a host of adventures and gaming supplements. Join our distinguished group of gaming professionals as they discuss the Forgotten Realms and their parts in developing it. Jeff Grubb (M), Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell
1 PM Saturday, Evergreen 3 & 4 Autograph Session #2
2 PM writer's critique
3 PM Interview with Vernor Vinge Saturday, 3 p.m. Evergreen 2
4 PM Saturday, John Cramer talks on, "Quantum Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Back-In-Time Messages" in Evergreen 2
5 PM Saturday, Cascade 3 Reading: Bruce Cordell Key of Stars, Book 3 of the Abolethic Sovereignty, FR, D&D, Rated: PG Bruce R. Cordell
7 PM Saturday, Cascade 9
What Is It With Lovecraft?
The Cthulhu Mythos has its filthy fingerprints all over Pathfinder, 4E D&D, and yes, even Call of Cthulhu RPGs, not to mention dozens of board and video games. What's the appeal? Is it just designers and GMs who love Cthulhu? And just how ruthless do you need to be to run a lone-survivor adventure, anyway? Lessons from the fringes of sanity.. Wolfgang Baur (M), Bruce R. Cordell, James Jacobs, Mike Mearls