Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Objects vs. Sentiment

Storage unit treasure?

How was your Labor Day, if you celebrated it? 

Here, the extra day off gave Batgirl and me enough mental headspace to decide it was the weekend to finally deal with our storage unit. We've maintained it for the last decade. Along with the crawl space under the house, we call it "where sentiment goes to die." It's out of sight, out of mind, which allows the sentiment to drain out of otherwise inanimate objects. Plus, hey, we've been paying rent on all that slowly draining sentiment!

So we grabbed the few things that still tugged at the heartstrings despite where we stored them, and are making plans for how we can get rid of everything else. Lots of completely useful stuff in there, so we hope we can ask the storage facility to help us auction it off like they would for a tenant that simply abandoned their unit. 

Hopefully, the specimens we collected from those alternate dimensions that one time won't escape and ruin the sale.