Monday, May 10, 2021

Watch Me Sleep

I have a new health-tracking watch!(1) In addition to telling the time, it also tracks movement and heart rate.(2)  Using all those functions, it also has a way of recording the wearer's type and quality of sleep. Last night, I had pretty good sleep, including a reasonable stint of deep sleep(3), so I'm hoping that translates into a productive day today.  

1 (The watch was a birthday gift last week from Batgirl. It's a Samsung Active2.)

2 (At  56 BPM, the watch is telling me my heart rate is lower than the average heart rate for someone my age and gender.)

3 (It sounds like 1 or 2 hours is a reasonable amount to strive for. Not that you can strive for deep sleep. You just have to prepare for deep sleep as best you can and hope that it arrives, like Santa at Christmas, bearing gifts of brain detoxification and memory consolidation.)