Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Snow, Holidays, and Pigs in the Nightland

It's the last day of November 2022 and it's snowing like crazy here in my part of the PNW. I won't lie, it puts me in a bit of the holiday spirit. This weekend, I just might put up the holiday glitz after all! (Every year, I consider giving the decorations a pass; every year, I usually end up blowing the holiday hose all over the house.)

A holiday tradition I used to have and don't do too often anymore is making oyster stew. I don't do it much anymore because everyone in my life these days detests it; if I make it, I end up eating all of it myself, like a pig in a candy shop.

Speaking of pigs eating candy... well, speaking of a pig plushie and a cupcake cafe visited in the land of dreams, my last novel scene posted Patreon just minutes ago follows the Dreamrider, who's trying find out about those outlaw lucids who so rudely ejected him from the Nightland the previous evening!

[Art by Dall-E "toy pig plushie eating a strawberry cupcake"]