Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Monsters under the Rock

I've spent the last week in Madison, Wisconsin. I attended, along with many other MCGers, a convention known as Gamehole Con. If you follow any of my other social media, you'll see that I have posted many pictures from this fabulous time. Alex, the guy behind this whole convention is a gracious, wonderful host. The con is laid back, game focused, and so positive that I can't wait to come again next year.

After the con, we took an extra day to travel about an hour to someplace called House on the Rock. I knew nothing about this place before hand. I actually thought it would probably be something like when I visited Frank Lloyd Wright's house in Chicago. "Something like" is not quite correct. If you have never gone before, I don't want to ruin the surprise. Much. All I will reveal is this crazy tableau I found somewhere on the premises. If you think this looks big, you're probably underestimating its true size by about 10-fold.

Anyway, today is a travel day. Tomorrow I should be back in my home office, working on Weird MCG stuff. And of course, Deamrider in the Nightland.