Wednesday, May 3, 2023


Hey everyone,

I must admit that I've done precious little writing over the last week on my Patreon novel. That's because our kitty Unmei's situation reached a critical point in the middle of last week, culminating in a stressful weekend and a tearful goodbye to Unmei on Monday.

I only knew Unmei for the last 11 of her 18 years, but in that time she became as dear to me as any pet can. 

One of my favorite stories about her is the "Song of the Sock" (as Batgirl named it). A few times a week, we would hear Unmei meowing with some fervor upstairs, until we came up to see what it was. Unmei would be found innocently standing about three feet away from a lone sock (as pictured here). In all the years she did this, never once did we see Unmei actually carrying a sock. Or even near it. A few times I'd try to sneak up, and still failed to catch her in the act.

It doesn't take a genius to realize what was actually happening: Sock gremlins. And Unmei was keeping them at bay. 

For this, and for all the other reasons, we're going to miss this little cat.