Monday, September 5, 2022

Solarians, Unite!

Hello, Earthlings!

One day I'm hoping humans become multi-planetary. If that happens, "Earthling" won't work as an inclusive greeting any longer. We'll need a new one. How about "Solarian?" Sounds like the name of an alien from a 1950s-era radio play. But what else would you call people inhabiting worlds and space habitats around a star called Sol? 

Exactly. Please consider yourself a Solarian from now on.

This weekend and last I've spent several hours doing yard improvement. I won't lie; things had gotten a little out of control. I  always have these aspirations, "in the future, I will do some yard work." But it turns out that for me, nebulous plans like that rarely come to fruition. So starting a couple of weeks ago, I've dedicated myself to spending the first couple of hours each weekend morning on yard improvement. So far, so good. Next weekend, in addition to more weeding and trimming, maybe some ground cover seeding. Batgirl and I are fans of clover and periwinkle.

P.S. Patreon plug follows hereafter.

Speaking of doing physical work in the real world, Baz Preston (who you may know as the Dreamrider from my current Patreon novel) returned to the Wake in Chapter 2, scene 1. And now he's ready to head out on his day job. He's still all about helping people, but his position is less elevated than in the Nightland. 

[Photo by Sam Loyd on Unsplash]