Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Words of Power: Fantasy-themed organized play at your local game store

As many of you know, I have an 18-year history of writing Dungeons & Dragons. Things like The Sunless Citadel, Return to the Tomb of Horrors, and Gates of Firestorm Peak. So you know that I love me some fantasy settings and epic quests.

Which is why I am so excited that even as I write this, my 6-week adventure series Words of Power is potentially available right now as something you can play at your friendly local game store.

What is Words of Power? A 6 session adventure — a "season" — designed to be played over six weeks. Words of Power features the simple-to-learn Cypher System (the underlying rule system for Numenera and The Strange). The epic fantasy setting is one you'd recognize from much of my previous game material: here, wizards and dragons are real. Player characters must find and liberate five Words of Power: one from a dragon, one from a tomb, one from a fey lord, and two from a wizard’s library. Once assembled, the Words of Power can be used to return the Lich King’s undead army to dust before he conquers all the kingdoms of humanity.

In Session 1, the players create player characters (PCs) and learn about the game, including the general setting of the fantasy world where this season takes place. They also play a short encounter, answering a call from the Warden of Shadowbridge Keep to help stem a rising darkness.

If you want to know more about MCG's organized play program, called Cypher Play, check out the information provided here:

If you want to play, check to see if your nearest friendly local game store is offering it. If not, direct them here to sign up:

(Note: It's possible that I'm a little late in reporting the availability of Words of Power. But if you're store is not already doing it, they can start anytime while the season is still available at MCG!)