Friday, December 17, 2010

Gamma World and D&D

They raced up the dungeon stairs, torches in hand, wondering what else could go wrong. When the metallic "mummy" named Munafik appeared above, with the "golem" X-1 at his shoulder, the players reacted like any party of adventurers--they attacked!

They'd been scrounging around the "tomb" for a few days. They'd already accidentally awakened an avatar of an ancient war god with the awkward name of "Orbital Planetbuster Laser."

So that was a concern.

They'd also picked up a few souvenirs--trinkets, rings, and talking bits of metal with flashing lights. So when Munafik ordered X-1 to, "KILL THEM ALL," the players augmented their axe strikes and fireballs with a couple plasma grenades and one partly-charged Gravity Hammer!

Yes. At Epic Game Day last weekend, I discovered that scattering Gamma World Omega cards into play can be quite fun, in the right setting. And since the setting was "high tech world that's fallen, with a fantasy world springing up in its ruins," it worked perfectly. And, when I discovered I'd accidentally shuffled an Alpha Mutation card into the mix, all the players had great fun screaming, "Mutant! Get him!" at their compatriot.

My recommendation? Throw some Gamma World cards into your next D&D game, if you're looking to add an interesting twist to your campaign's backstory, that is.