Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You'd Think With A New Computer...

... that I'd spend a little more time on it, perhaps even to blog!

But my new computer sits sad and alone in my office, most of the time. That's because I've made the transition to my work computer, an iMac which I've decided I quite like. It's also because time is fleeting.

Despite my desire to start a foundation that seeks to humanely limit human population on this planet (you heard it here first, folks), I also hold the somewhat opposing desire to see a breakthrough in longevity achieved. Then maybe time wouldn't seem so fleeting.

Actually, I don't really sit around thinking about my mortality when I feel under time pressure. So longevity isn't really the ticket.

Really what I need is a chip in my brain that will allow true human cognitive multi-tasking. Oh yeah, here comes the singularity baby!
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