Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slaves of the Red Goddess

My friend Wolfgang Baur has opened voting for his next round of Open Design. Wolf's RPG writing hearkens back to the patronage in Renaissance Italy when wealthy individuals would commission a single work from an artist and employ him until that work was finished. Yes, he's a modern-day Michelangelo, and he paints with your imagination.

He's previewed the set of Open Design candidates here, if you're interested in becoming one of his patrons and helping to choose which project he next tackles.

I notice that one of the candidates is one of those "The Truth is Stranger Than You Can Ever Know" pieces that I really enjoy :-).

Slaves of the Red Goddess (4E D&D): Bruce Cordell is writing a take on the “Kingdom of the Ghouls”, so it seems only fair that Open Design do a riff on the Far Realms. This 4E adventure features the cult of the Red Goddess, and attempt to summon Things from the Realms Beyond, and an assault on the goddess’s followers stronghold in the Grey Marshes. Adaptable to any campaign, it features a “points of light” approach, a dozen new monsters, and a set of ruthless arcane and divine villains. Possibly some emphasis on the Glass Books, Slave Wands, and other new magical items.

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