Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who's Discrediting Who?

You may recall a couple of my previous posts where I described KCACC "Exposed" as group with a beef against the King County animal shelter, and some of its unfortunate activities.

I imagine many members of the group believe they are fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, it's come to the point now where these folks' honest efforts have apparently been hijacked by people with ulterior motives--motives that seem ultimately aimed at channeling public funds into private coffers. Worse, they aim to do so under cover of the shiny, happy "no kill" label so taxpayers unfamiliar with the problems of region-wide "no kill" policies will be snowed into thinking everything will be OK.

As I've indicated, the King County shelter had and still has issues, but the process of modernization is ongoing, and more are on the way, if the latest effort is allowed to continue.

Unfortunately for the animals of King County, this KCACC "Exposed" group doesn't appear to have any problem publishing the allegations of folks like Brad Crauer and Nathan Winograd who have a history of questionable actions and failed policies, respectively, in the animal welfare industry.

Worse, the KCACC "Exposed" co-chairs apparently have no problem with printing outright lies. For instance, they recently said the "volunteer coordinator" hired to build a modern program was hired at a salary of $93,000 a year.

Well, let me just say, "I wish." Since I'm married to the Volunteer Program Manager hired at the shelter, I can tell you she was hired into tough job for a lot less than that.

I presume KCACC "Exposed" thought their claim the volunteer manager was making such a large salary might drum up discontent among outsiders and shelter volunteers alike. Discontent that could lend unearned support of their cause. A dishonest tactic, I'm afraid.

Tactics like these are being used to drive the county to consider privatization and "no kill" policies.

So, beware of crazy-sounding allegations about the shelter when you run across them. If it sounds like something akin to "Satanists are killing babies!" then the allegation is likely just as untrue. Better yet, head over the King County shelter in Kent to take a look for yourself, meet the staff, and see for your own eyes what conditions are actually like.


HonestyHelps said...

Let's hope this group doesn't become like the ADL-LA group in Los Angeles, leaving pipe bombs on elderly women's steps or smoke bombs in high rise apartments. Sounds like they are on their way in this direction.

It fails me sometimes that people continue to follow the "No Kill" equation. It is obvious by now that this program is not sustainable and is not working the way it is presented. And one has to think (if one is capable of such) that much of the "No Kill" program is geared toward the breeding industry. Things such as being against household limits, licensing of cats, no new laws, favor breeders in a big way. So why do people support a program that wants to create more animals to go into the shelters? We estimate 30-40% of the animals in shelters are purebreds, deliberately bred and someone made money. Yet, the support for the "No Kill" equation is actually supporting more breeding.

I would say these folks are sore losers and are determined to make the shelter animals losers too.

HelpingAnimals dot com said...
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Happy Camper said...

Yes Bruce, many of us are thankful you are still on the air......I did go to the above post and the blog just started , so no posts yet. I think what the animals of King county need are calm voices of reason. I do hope Mr. Sims doesn't fall prey to this trap, it is about money and contracts. So long as people opt for the quick fix the losses to animals and county coffers rise.
Your assertion that other contracts of his fail, is more than accurate, it is prophetic. Here in Washoe county the people are seeing a rise in population far beyond what the building was designed for and that is documented in facts on County letterhead. Keep the information flowing, take care of your animals as best you can.

Anonymous said...

Have those No Kill exposed people discussed Nathan Winograd's latest disaster?

Nathan consulted for Philadelphia and got his hand picked director in there to PACCA to implement his no kill. On taxpayer money.

It has blown to pieces. Animals abused, dying in cages, aggressive dogs handed out.

Winograd's no kill is a large scale failure.

And now the city has had the sense to get the contract away from these animal abuser no killers and has given it to the spca.

This is what Winograd No Kill has been doing to animals in Philadephia

How could any members of the King County Council fall for this charade?

HelpingAnimals dot com said...

I found this blog by accident while looking for contacts who remain realistic amongst the no-kill rhetoric in King County. How refreshing to see this site--thank you for telling the truth. What can PETA do to help ensure KCACC remains an open-door facility? We're presently in contact with some who advocate locally for an open-admission policy at KCACC, and we'd love to hear from others. Anyone interested, please e-mail

Anonymous said...

Helping Animals, the email you posted is not getting me through. Can you put it up again.

HelpingAnimals dot com said...

I'm sorry you've had trouble, and I'm not sure why--I received a message just moments ago. Please try again?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting article came out in the Austin Chronicle today concerning the "No Kill Equation". It was written by Patricia J. Ruland and the comment section is hot.

Anonymous said...

It is all true. Nathan Winograd HAS been working with the puppy mill breeders.

PetPAc is a pro lobbyist for the puppy mills. The worst of the worst puppy mills.

They support cruelty period in the name of the almighty dollar.

This is a professional lobbying group opposing laws and trying to stay unregulated so they can keep doing what they do to the dogs.

And there is Nathan Winograd helping them.

Anonymous said...

That helping animals address is not a Peta address.

I would hope it is not a Winograd person with ulterior motives.

HonestyHelps said...

To reply about the "helping animals", it is legit. Have been emailing Jennifer and she is with Peta, just new. She spent 15 years with HSUS. If you look at the links on the side you will see PETA and if you go to PETA you will see helping animals. This has been a posting for a while now rather than using PETA address for obvious reasons. PETA has had their woes but I still respect them.

HelpingAnimals dot com said...

It's not a PETA address, but I work for PETA. As you can surely understand, my inbox is inundated on a daily basis. The address is dedicated only to this issue.

HonestyHelps said...

Helping Animals, is the issue what? Is it only for the situation in Seattle or the "No Kill" issue as a whole? I have been in contact with others at PETA regarding another area and their shelter going "No Kill" and was just curious as to whether you are referring only to Seattle or what.

HelpingAnimals dot com said...

Sorry for not being clear--the address is dedicated to corresponding about KCACC specifically, but the issue of "no-kill" comes up daily, and we're interested in hearing from anyone who has concerns. They're welcome to e-mail me at that address and the message will be routed to the appropriate staff member, or there's the general contact link here:

Happy Camper said...

I for one am grateful for any group that wants to help King County, it will only get worse if they get his ( winograd ) staff in there. The number one requirement for any employee is alliegence to him, and then no voice for the animals is allowed in. wake up Ron sims, Don't cave to this, it is not a money saver, they lowball to get the contract and tehn cut services.....

HonestyHelps said...

The issues in Seattle and "No Kill" are so intertwined at this point, it might be hard to separate them. A PACCA type solution or even a Washoe solution are just not acceptable.

Compassion First said...

This must be looked at as HSUS and Peta are looking at it. If it isn't viewed as a national problem each area will continue to feel they really are at fault.
If you follow all the blogs you see this is a systemic illness, and now they are all trying to get money from Maddies fund which is causing the very people who did throw up their hands in defeat over no kill years ago, to prostitute themselves at the Conference in hopes of getting money again. Don't read the first page of Tompkins, read the entire website. Look at the hours of intake, see the hidden ways of blocking true open admission.

Anonymous said...

Tompkins County never has been open admission.

They had and have waiting lists and charge money to take in animals

I read somewhere that that can be 100 dollars to take in a pit bull.

That is not open admission

Of course people are not paying and are not waiting and the pet gets abandoned who knows where to die in the woods or road