Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who's Discrediting Who?

You may recall a couple of my previous posts where I described KCACC "Exposed" as group with a beef against the King County animal shelter, and some of its unfortunate activities.

I imagine many members of the group believe they are fighting the good fight. Unfortunately, it's come to the point now where these folks' honest efforts have apparently been hijacked by people with ulterior motives--motives that seem ultimately aimed at channeling public funds into private coffers. Worse, they aim to do so under cover of the shiny, happy "no kill" label so taxpayers unfamiliar with the problems of region-wide "no kill" policies will be snowed into thinking everything will be OK.

As I've indicated, the King County shelter had and still has issues, but the process of modernization is ongoing, and more are on the way, if the latest effort is allowed to continue.

Unfortunately for the animals of King County, this KCACC "Exposed" group doesn't appear to have any problem publishing the allegations of folks like Brad Crauer and Nathan Winograd who have a history of questionable actions and failed policies, respectively, in the animal welfare industry.

Worse, the KCACC "Exposed" co-chairs apparently have no problem with printing outright lies. For instance, they recently said the "volunteer coordinator" hired to build a modern program was hired at a salary of $93,000 a year.

Well, let me just say, "I wish." Since I'm married to the Volunteer Program Manager hired at the shelter, I can tell you she was hired into tough job for a lot less than that.

I presume KCACC "Exposed" thought their claim the volunteer manager was making such a large salary might drum up discontent among outsiders and shelter volunteers alike. Discontent that could lend unearned support of their cause. A dishonest tactic, I'm afraid.

Tactics like these are being used to drive the county to consider privatization and "no kill" policies.

So, beware of crazy-sounding allegations about the shelter when you run across them. If it sounds like something akin to "Satanists are killing babies!" then the allegation is likely just as untrue. Better yet, head over the King County shelter in Kent to take a look for yourself, meet the staff, and see for your own eyes what conditions are actually like.
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