Saturday, November 8, 2008

Little of This, Little of That

Today I spent a total of 6 hours in a Muay Thai test for my level 6 certification.

I pulled my glut half way through, and I'm going to have some terrific bruises, but I claim success nonetheless! Moreover, my friend Karol got her level 7 certification, and Todd his level 12 (well, his test is going to last this entire week...)

I'm pretty hungry, so I'm hoping a celebratory dinner is in the offing. But before that, a couple folks are coming over to take a look at the foster kittens even now trying to jump on the keyboard. It'll be fabulous if these two cats find a final home. As wonderful as they are, this house is already filled with adopted shelter cats (and a dog).

Finally, there is some interest from sites I've querried that review fantasy books in Plague of Spells. If you run a review site and would like a copy, I may have a couple to spare. Email me at bruce [ampersand] plagueofspells [period] com if you want a copy.

So ends this stream of consciousness blog entry. Where's the ice and ibuprofin?


Brett Huffman said...

Yikes, I can imagine. I was training MMA for awhile and would come away hurting from training all the time. I can only imagine what pure Muay Thai must do to your body.


Bruce R Cordell said...

Usually its the jujutsu that ends up injuring me, actually. This is my first kickboxing injury. I tried to return to training this morning . . . and it was a little too soon, at least to go full bore.

Brett Huffman said...

Haha ... yeah, jiu-jitsu sucks too, but rolling was always my favorite part of training.

Good luck with your training. It's refreshing to see another writer/rpg geek interested in martial arts.