Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Things have been hectic for me lately on any front you care to name, but thankfully, I managed to vote. Actually, my legislative district (#33) has no polling places--it's all vote by mail. So my ballot went into the mail last week.

I pointed to Jeff Grubb's recommendations awhile back. Of course, he's not in my district. So I'd like to add one additional recommendation for a few folks whose campaign office I've visited:

State House of Representatives District 33, Pos 1: Tina Orwall
State House of Representatives District 33, Pos 2: Dave Upthegrove

Go vote!


Anonymous said...

I voted last week myself - we have "early" voting in SD; just go in to the auditors office at the Courthouse (anytime about a month before the eledtion) and they have they voting stations set up along the hallway! VERY convenient!

Tiger Lily

Dave Upthegrove said...

Thanks for the plug Bruce! Tina and I both won big...

Dave Upthegrove (a fellow CU Boulder grad...major in Environmental Conservation with a minor in EPO Biology!)

Bruce said...

Great, glad to hear you both won. I suspected you would, glad to have in confirmed.

And, hey, wow, knowing that about your background makes me even happier you were elected :-)