Monday, April 19, 2010

Media Blitz

I am snowed under by media to be read, listened to, watched, played, or written. I'm currently reading 2 books on my kindle app (on phone and mac), listening to an audio book on my phone, in the middle of watching a couple different HBO shows via netflix streaming, and have a couple hard-copy books and DVDs lent to me by friends that I look forward to watching/reading.

Not to mention the huge backlog of podcasts I listen to fairly regularly. Which I'm behind on because of the aforementioned audiobook. As it happens, I signed up for the 1 audiobook a month plan at, so I've got a lot more audiobooks in my future.

I'm also writing a novel in my free time (and if I could say more about that, I would), and proofing Key of Stars (due back to editor May 3rd).

And as it turns out, I'm also trying to teach myself Objective C, which is great fun. When I can find the time to sit down with my manual!

Time was I used to play Xbox 360, and I was up to date on all the games. No more. Not enough time. Though I suppose when the next must-have title emerges, that'll change. Starcraft II I think. If it ever comes out . . .

So like I said, I've got a lot of media to consume (and produce). Some days, such as right now when I've got a cold to drag me down, I feel burdened. Like it's just too much of a first world problem. So maybe I should give another $25 to Kiva, chuck the rest, and re-read my old copy of The Hobbit for the 20th time.  Sounding pretty good...
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