Monday, July 22, 2013

Seven Questions

I talked with Artificer's Intuition about the 2nd Edition Monstrous Arcana "Evil Tide" adventure trilogy I penned, and other topics. 

An excerpt:

QUESTION: What's the story behind the Evil Tide adventure path? I've never really been able to find any history behind it.  
BRC: The Evil Tide adventure path got its start by being part of a planned series of "coffee-table-like books with lots of great art" (called Monstrous Arcana) that each would feature one of D&D's most notable monsters. Illithids, beholders, sahuagin, for starters. Each of these coffee-table books were slated to be supported by three connecting adventures. Skip Williams had already written the source book Sea Devils. But I was given the opportunity to write the three supporting modules.

All seven questions (and answers) can be found at: 

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