Monday, June 10, 2024


Today, fellow MCGer Dom Dickey posted this in our company Slack, "If Bowling for Soup wrote the song 1985 today, it would be about 2005," (like in this 2024 video, done in the same style, but about 2005:

Of course, the 80s were much more formative for me—the last few years of junior high and high school, then off to college in 1986—than 2005, when I was mid-career at Wizards of the Coast. It probably has a bigger resonance than my life during my mid-30s. At least, that was my initial thought.

Still, watching the video made me reminisce with a friend. So I looked back into the picture archive, and what do you know? I found an image of me, my ex-wife (but still good friend) Dee, and that friend Greg Heck around with a brand new Honda Element my ex-wife had bought.

Now as it happens, the purchase of that car was preceded by one of the biggest arguments I've ever had. I was exceedingly pro-hybrid at the time (because there were no electric vehicles to be pro about in 2005), and the Element was not a hybrid. I got so mad I left the house, driving away in my Prius hybrid (model year 2005!) to cool off.

During the drive, I realized I had no say in her purchase, that I was being a tremendous jerk, and that I owed someone an apology. So I went home and did just that.

Dee purchased the car, we picked up our friends Greg and Teresa, and we went out to eat to celebrate. Someone ordered an olive plate for the table. Guess what? I hated olives. HATED them. But I was in a "changing my mind" sort of mood, so I tried a few. And you know what? I LOVED them.

And I have loved olives ever since. And you know what else I learned I loved? Changing my mind. Which is a habit that has served me well over the years.

I guess 2005 was more formative than I first gave it credit for. Go figure.

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