Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Has Me

I recall quite clearly sitting around with my friends in high school, aged 16, trying to imagine the world and ourselves in the year 2000. I would be 32 years old in the year 2000, double my age at the time.

I couldn't imagine it. I hoped it would be something fantastic. Perhaps even sci-fi fantastic, like maybe robots would rule the world. But predicting the future is hard, equally hard for 16-year-olds as "psychics."

Now it's 8 years beyond even the time horizon I had such a hard time imagining. I've learned a lot in the 24 years that have elapsed since, both about myself, other people, and the wider cosmos around us that stretches on into infinity in every direction.

The human species is young, perhaps too young for the "futuristic" powers we're liberating for the use of the mad and compassionate alike. But, I like to think we'll get past these current troubles.

Perhaps I'll know if my hope is justified in another 24 years, in the year 2032.


Jeff LaSala said...

Well, your 16-year-old hope may perhaps come to pass:

What, sadly, may not:

Bruce said...


oh my god that first link is frickin' hilarious!

Well, they're both hilarious, actually. Thank you for the links.