Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Choosing A Candidate

The last time I touched the topic of the Democratic candidate, I expressed my preference for many of Ms. Clinton's policies over Obama's.

However, I have since become an Obama supporter. Not because I think any less of Clinton. No, it is because I have come to realize several hard realities.

One of those realities is that the conservative interests have spent the last 16 years fomenting active dislike (at best!) of Clinton. If Clinton were to become the Democratic candidate, I fear that many of the disenchanted, exhausted voters who might otherwise stay away from the polls will be revitalized, unified in their dislike for Hillary, and show up merely to vote against her. In listening to various radio programs and in polling my own extended conservative family and conservative friends, I am finding this more and more to be true.

Another reality, more positive, is that Obama seems to possesses an attraction to many people who have traditionally voted Republican. It could be they haven't had 16 years of negative media saddling their perceptions, and that their unconscious hope to see real change can find a home in a vote for Obama. I've heard Republicans say that they'd vote for Obama over anyone currently vying for the Republican nomination, but if it were Clinton, they'd go with any one of the Republicans (superstition-ridden McCain, or even crazy Huckabee!).

Hillary is a fight the right has been preparing for over the last two decades. Let's not give them that battlefront.
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