Saturday, January 5, 2008

Get Blasted From Space, For Free

Until January 15th, you can download a free PDF copy of my event book When The Sky Falls!

When The Sky Falls describes what happens when a fantasy world is struck, and struck hard, by a meteor. The book provides new prestige classes for characters close to ground zero, a variant magic system powered by residual meteor fragments, and many new feats and spells. When the Sky Falls also describes frightening new monsters -- creatures twisted by their proximity to the Afterfall.

When The Sky Falls was one of the games I wrote with Malhavoc Press (a list that includes Hyperconscious and If Thoughts Could Kill). I remain as proud of it as anything I've done, mainly because it allowed me to stray outside regular fantasy tropes. When things fall from the sky in a fantasy world, they might be nickel-iron, but then again, they might be fragments of something far stranger . . .
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