Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Realms of War Teaser

Paul Kemp provides the opening scene for his story in Realms of War as a preview.

Realms of War is slated for release in on Jan 8th.

Following Paul's example, here is the opening piece for Black Arrow, my short story for Realms of War.

The letter dates to a conflict that occurred some 300 years before the current timeline in Faerûn, when the nation of Impiltur was reunited by Imphras the Great. My story is about what a young man named Jotharam Feor did in the city of Sarshel before this letter was written.

Sarshel, 11 Tarsakh, 1095 DR
Dear Madam Feor,

I have heard an account of the Last Battle for Sarshel’s Wall, and of the valor of Jotharam Feor in particular whose deeds proved instrumental in Sarshel’s victory.

I regret to inform you your son died bravely in the line of duty.

I know how devastating these brutal words must be that bear news of a loss so overwhelming. But know that I and reunited Impiltur itself thank you for your son’s precious service.

May Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater assuage the grief of your mourning, leaving only cherished memories of your son. May they grant you solemn dignity and peace in return for your costly sacrifice given unasked, a sacrifice that preserved Sarshel against its enemies, and which may yet conclude the Kingless Years.

Yours, sincerely and respectfully,

Imphras Heltharn
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