Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where The Candidates Stand

This incredibly slick little tool at Glassbooth will help you focus on issues, not hairstyles. Try this 2-part quiz, quick and easy, and discover where all the candidates are on the issues that really matter to you.

No matter which one of these quizzes I take, it seems like Kucinich is always most representative of my views (94% according to this tool). Sigh. He stands little chance of gaining the democratic nomination, methinks.

Of the 2 candidates that seem mostly likely to get the nod, Obama is 78% like me, Clinton 79%. Luckily, my top issue (energy and environment) ranked 'very similar' for both.

On the Republican side, the best showing was by McCain who was able to eke out a dismal 51% match with my beliefs, with not a single 'very similar' rating. Giuliani and Romney fare much worse, at 38% and 36%, respectively.
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