Thursday, March 20, 2008

Green Belt

Tonight I tested for my green belt in jujutsu, and received it. Yay!

Thanks John, and all the students, too, at Leading Edge :-)


Jenn Reese said...


Unknown said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Bruce Cordell said...


I heart that when I get my purple belt (two above this), that'll show I'm actually a serious student of the art, and want to 'really' begin to learn ;-).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I hear it's usually when you hit black belt that the real learning begins ;)

John DiFrancesco said...

I always thought that the rainbow rank belts were just to keep impatient American students, who are incapable of delaying gratification, interested long enough to actually attain a black belt. Not that they're authoritative, but in Asian martial arts movies you never see anything but white belts and black belts, which seems to imply that you are a student until you are a master.

But it's just a hunch.

Bruce Cordell said...

Heh, sounds like I have a little ways to go yet before I can even claim to be a serious student ;-).

John DiFrancesco said...

In hindsight, that came out sounding like I was disparaging your effort and progress, which I did not intend at all. Sincere congratulations on your achievement!

My admittedly snarky comment was directed at the industry itself, and on (us) lazy Americans in general.

My hunch is that if a dojo opened up in the US and the sensei told their students "You will study with me as a white belt for at least five years and then you may test for your black belt. Only then will you be considered a serious student," they'd never get anyone at all to sign up.

So again, sorry if that sounded like a personal attack. And, uh, how's the vegetarian thing going? (Can't help you with that; I'm an shamelessly irredeemable omnivore.)

Bruce Cordell said...


Hey, no worries! I didn't take it as snark or an attack :-). Leading Edge is following a regular progression of belts as far as I can determine, American or no, but I think black belt really is when you are the most serious of students. But seeing the one person in our dojo who tested for purple, well, I think she'd tell you she's had to take it very seriously :-).

Still vegetarian, and it's going quite well. Had a few moments of 'that smells good' of course, but so it goes :-).