Monday, May 12, 2008

Epic Destinies

I scribed an introduction to one of the new features of the 4th edition rules: Epic Destinies. As it turns out, I was the the one who actually wrote a lot of the story text that appears, in edited form, in the three epic destines that made it into the PHB. So my introduction of epic destinies on DDi seems somehow appropriate.

An excerpt:
While it’s true that your epic destiny allows you to bend, break, or ignore some of the laws of the universe, an epic destiny isn’t merely about acquiring even more power. [It is is more about] defining your place in the universe. Your epic destiny is the mythic archetype your character aspires to achieve. Once you reach 21st level, the greatness you always knew you were destined for is no longer theoretical; it is actual.

Head over to DDI to see the complete (though unformatted) archmage epic destiny.

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