Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alchemical Imbalance

The latest Dragon article in the Roll vs Role column penned by me and Chris Sims is now posted at Wizards. The Roll vs Role articles are designed to give DMs some great background on a specific series of encounters, providing both roleplaying and tactical information appropriate to the encounter. Each article could be developed into a full-blown adventure, or used as more limited series of encounters, depending on a DM's desire.

The article just posted, Alchemical Imbalance, focuses on a tribe of goblins who've found power in iffy alchemical arts.


Sean Bibby said...

Right after I first skimmed over it, a friend texted and said "don't read anything on the wotc site! I'm going to run a dungeon this weekend." I was torn with telling the truth or going munchin. I deleted the .pdf and await my certain (acid induced) death.

Bruce said...

Heh heh, well, hopefully he'll throw a few curve balls at you :-)