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Interviews, Articles, & Events
May 6, 2024    Regarding my career from TSR to today, One Shot's Tavern interview 
Mar 15, 2024  Apocalypses, Monsters, Dust and Neon, CU folks talk new CS games

Jul 16, 2023    Writing Killing Jar (adventure), Jordan Sorcery interviews me about it
Feb 26, 2023   Impact of D&D on Culture, Genghis Con panel with Luke Gygax

Nov 15, 2022  Roleplayer with a Thousand Faces, Matt Yancik interviews me about RPGs
Oct 05, 2022   Tales from the Tavern, a short interview touching on this and that
Sept 22, 2022  Planebreaker and the Wierd live video discussion hosted by Cypher Unlimited

Nov 10, 2021  Cypher Unlimited, the CU crew, LaTia, and I play a Planebreaker demo
Oct 27, 2021   WebDM Planebreaker interview, Jim and I discuss Path of the Planebreaker
Oct 26, 2021   TechRaptor, article describing Path of the Planebreaker

Nov 10, 2020   Gemstone Shards, Part 2 (see below)
Nov 08, 2020   Gabbin at Lord Peak's Manor, talking everything I've ever written
Nov 03, 2020   Gemstone Shards, talking worldbuilding for RPGs and novels, Part 1
Sept 20, 2020  Arcana of the Ancients charity game, hosted by WebDM
May 19, 2020  Ptolus chat with MCG, with guests Andy Collins and Jessie Decker
Apr  01, 2020  Fireside with Peter Adkison, talking about game history
Mar 14, 2020  Ptolus Chat with MCG, with guest Chris Perkins

Nov 28, 2019 Insights and Inspiration, talking The Stars Are Fire and my new Patreon
Oct 17, 2019  Cypher Unlimited, talking about the creative process and lots more

Oct 30, 2018  Dragon+, joining other creators in remembering a recent character death
Apr 20, 2018  Legacy of Drizzt, reminiscing about Salvatore's Icewind Dale trilogy
Apr 05, 2018  Once and Future Podcast, pulmonary embolism shenanigans and RPGs
Apr 03, 2018  Acquisitions Intoxicated, talking craft brewing and RPG nostalgia

Nov 28, 2017  Nerdarchy, talking RPGs, D&D, Numenera, The Strange, & more
Nov 07, 2017  Dragon Magazine, discussing links between storytelling and RPGs
Oct 22, 2017   Dungeon Master's Block, creating Ruins of wonder and danger
Sep 29, 2017   Kickstarter Live, talking Numenera 2 with the MCG design team
Sep 01, 2017   Cypher Cast Network, talking Numenera 2 with Monte Cook
Jul 07, 2017    Twitch chat, Q&A about Jade Colossus, Myth of the Maker, and more!
Jun 26, 2017   Boards & Swords, casual talk about The Strange and Myth of the Maker
May 04, 2017 Flying a Drone, where I talk about fun stuff other than writing
Apr 28, 2017  Dragon Magazine, where I'm interviewed about the Sunless Citadel
Apr 28, 2017  Cypher Cast Network, talking Cypher System and Myth of the Maker
Apr 10, 2017  Dungeon Crawlers Radio, talking Myth of the Maker and The Strange
Apr 06, 2017  Forgotten Realms Archive Forgotten Realms Archieve live AMA
Mar 06, 2017 The More You Nerd podcast interviews me about A Strange Box
Feb 22, 2017  EN World, interview by Abstruse about A Strange Box

Dec 2, 2016    The Tome Show, Rob Heinsoo and I talk worldbuilding
Mar 24, 2016  Geek & Sundry; how Monte and I survied 80's Satanic Panic
Mar 24, 2016  Modifier; Meghan and I talk about the Cypher System and The Strange
Mar 19, 2016  Metagamers Anonymous; talking Cypher System, Numenera &  The Strange RPG
Mar 1, 2016    EN WORLD AMA (Ask Me Anything)--and I answer

Nov 15, 2015  Lucca Comics & Games, I talk The Strange RPG at Italy's premiere game con!
Aug 24, 2015  RgpGamerDad, Gen Con 2015 and The Strange RPG
Aug 6, 2015    Plot Points, How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Strange
Jul 30, 2015    Plot Points, Satanic Panic!
Feb 13, 2015,  DYVERS Book Shelf, review of my novel Oath of Nerull
Jan 29, 2015,  Plano de Fuga, Brazilian "planet of fun" interview!

Nov 19, 2014  Nós do Sarjeta, Brazilian video game blog interviews me
Oct 12, 2014   RPG Noticias, Brazilian blog interviews me about RPGS
Aug 04, 2014  Automatonera, "Capsule review of The Strange"
Jun 18, 2014   GM Intrusions, podcast interview where I wax poetic about The Strange
May 27, 2014 Ares Magazine, "Interview with author and game designer Bruce Cordell"
Apr 26, 2014  Translating The Strange Ep4, Announcements and Buzz for The Strange
Feb 21, 2014  iO9 article, "Numenera Bestiary Unleashes Bizarre Beasts"
Jan 31, 2014   Translating The Strange Ep2, playtesting The Strange
Jan 26, 2014   D&D's 40th Birthday, by Kobold Quarterly

Nov 15, 2013  Metagamers Anonymous Ep 15; my past, present, and future
Nov 14, 2013  Translating The Strange Ep 1; what's up with The Strange?
Nov 09, 2013  Why The Strange is Really Strange; Living Dice treats The Strange.
Nov 08, 2013  Charm of Making Strange Worlds; Kill Screen Daily on The Strange.
Oct 04, 2013   You All Meet In A Tavern Ep 1; Torah, John Kovalic, and Darryl Mott talk games
Oct 01, 2013   Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Monte Cook and Shanna Germain
Sep 30, 2013   D&D, Psionics, Tentacles & Numenera; EN World interview by Morrus
Sep 09, 2013   The DNA of Numenera; Transmissions 9th World podcast interview
Sep 03, 2013   Dawn of the Far Realm to the Ninth World; Battlegrounds interview
Jul 20, 2013     7 Questions With Bruce Cordell; Evil Tide adventure path and other topics
Jan 31, 2013     WDG Author Hangout; John Ward and I talk Sword of the Gods

Oct 31, 2012    Monsters are People Too; I comment on research related to D&D
Oct 1, 2012      The Goblin Beat (Crimson Bastards) talk with me about my novels
Jul 02, 2012 asks me about my game design and novels
Jul 27, 2012     Tome Show Book Club interviews me about Spinner of Lies

Dec 29, 2011   Sci Fi & Fantasy Twitter Interview, at Grasping for the Winds
Aug 25, 2011   I talk Sword of the Gods and writing, GMS Magazine Podcast
Mar 28, 2011   Perennial Author (me!) by Writing Insight
Apr 26, 2011   How To DM Evil Players, Iron GM (podcast)
Jan 12, 2011    On the intersection of writing and martial arts by

Sep 23, 2010   Turning the Key, de Bie interviews me about the Key of Stars

Jul 02, 2009     The Simple (Yet Epic) Elegance of Bruce Cordell, by Kobold Quarterly
Oct 20, 2009    Podcast: My Start in D&D + Far Realm, by Open Design
May 26, 2009   Sharing a World Part 1 with Paul Kemp, by Fantasy Book Critic

Apr 11, 2008    Rich Baker and I Preview the 4E Realms
Nov 26, 2008   Regarding Dragons  I talk about Draconomicon I and chromatic dragons
Dec 09, 2008   Writing Life: Bruce R. Cordell on Plague of Spells 

Nov 16, 2007   Stardeep, Character Flaws, and Ideology By Grasping for the Wind
Apr 09, 2007   YMHTS PODCAST interview; I talk about game design in general

Oct 06, 2006    Wizards interview about Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
Oct 03, 2006    Ravenloft PODCAST: James Wyatt and I talk Ravenloft
Apr 03, 2006   Wizards interview about Complete Psionic: A Player's Guide to mind stuff

Jul 01, 2005     Weapons of Legacy, I talk about designing this 3rd Edition game book.

Oct 10, 2004    Wizards interview about Libris Mortis: Book of the Undead
Sep 15, 2004    The Sunless Citadel (first 3E D&D Adventure)
Jul 2, 2004        Planar Handbook (a player's guide to adventuring in alternate realities)
Apr 09, 2004    Expanded Psionics Handbook (updated rules for psionics)

Oct 24, 2003    Underdark (the subterranean lands where dark elves dwell)

Mar 02, 2002   Bastion of Broken Souls (talking high-level adventure for 3rd Edition)

Mar 09, 2001   More Psionic Monsters (Excerpt of the first psionics rules for 3rd Edition)

Jan 01, 2000    Seven Dead (Planewalker) [scroll to bottom] about my design of the Illithiad

Malhavoc Press Interviews (apparently defunct links as of this writing)
Formative Gaming (as it relates to the psionics adventure If Thoughts Could Kill)
Monte, Sean, I Talk (as relates to Mindscapes)
When The Sky Falls (sourcebook for fantasy meteorite strike)
Mindscapes Chat (my d20 psionics sourcebook)
A Talk with Me (memories of working at TSR in the 90s)

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