Friday, November 23, 2007

Obama 1, Clinton 1

I've been down on Ms. Clinton in previous years due to her support of a trendy, anti-gaming bill.

Thus, I've sort of been supporting Mr. Obama to get the Democratic nomination, not only because of the gaming thing, but also because Mr. Obama hasn't taken much (if any?) in contributions from major corporations. I'm slightly freaked out by the rampant corporatism that so defines our times.

However, I was a little sad to see that Obama recently indicated he'd delay the NASA program to finish the space-station and move us onward to something actually worthwhile to help fund education reform. The 0.5% of the national budget NASA still gets is is too much? I suppose I can see things from his perspective, but I ask you, how are we going to inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers without a viable, exciting space program? Science fiction will only inspire so far. His perspective on this issue is too narrow.

On the other hand, Clinton came out with a space policy statement that pretty much delivers what I'd like to see. Her release says:

Hillary is committed to a space exploration program that involves robust human spaceflight to complete the Space Station and later human missions, expanded robotic spaceflight probes of our solar system leading to future human exploration, and enhanced space science activities. She will speed development, testing, and deployment of next-generation launch and crew exploration vehicles to replace the aging Space Shuttle.

Now I'm in a dead heat between these two. Maybe slightly back in Hillary's camp, to be honest. Ms. Clinton said in her biography one of the reasons she ended up in politics was because she was told she couldn't be an astronaut when she was young.

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