Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Controversy

So, if it weren't for the fact that Palin's Abstinence-Only stance failed even inside her own household, she'd otherwise be the perfectly qualified choice for Vice President? [insert ironically raised eyebrows and disbelieving smile]

(hat tip to Dee)


Unknown said...

I commend her for sticking to her beliefs. We shouldn't always be judged by the situations we find ourselves in, but by the way we respond. I won't hold Palin responsible for her daughters actions. Scandal won't fix the economy or bring my brother home from Iraq any sooner. Her pregnancy is not the issue. Palins total lack of experience and likely hood of total failure in leading this country if she were to become president is. I won't support McCain and I think Palin is the type of new politicians the republican party should be grooming for senate, not VP. =)

Unknown said...

Sorry - that came out more crabby than I intended. That's what I get for multitasking. =)

Bruce Cordell said...

Hey nice new pic!

The point of my post was to show that Palin's daughter's pregnancy is not really what we should be focusing on :-).

However, I almost did a different post that would take Palin to task for pushing a policy that not only has been shown by several studies to fail compared to sex ed that includes Abstinence with birth control and greater reproductive knowledge, but also failed in the one place she had total control over the implementation of that policy (her own family). Yet, she still supports abstinence only, and would push that to all schools. I guess this example sort of speaks to my first point; she's not qualified to be heartbeat (a 72-year-old heartbeat) from the presidency of the US).

Unknown said...

I totally agree. If we are going to foist an educational directive on our kids how about one that encourages them to be adults, excel at being adults, and treats them like adults instead of treating them like babies until they start having them.

On another note - have you seen ?
You should put your ideas up there too.

elly said...

While I agree-her daughter's pregnancy has nothing to do with her viability as a canidate-she has appeal as a normal person with similar problems a lot of families have faced in the past or are facing now. Let's face it-a lot of peoples mothers were pregnate before marriage, right?

She, also is not a typical politician. She has not lived her entire life surrounded by politicians or politics. Therefore, she might have a different perspective-one more in line with the average person-than another supposedly more qualified canidate might have.

Unknown said...

I wanted to like her as an ex-pat Alaskan, but I can't. She's just too conservative for me. Her rhetoric rings of that evil senator from Dead Zone or that crazy leader in Escape From LA. =)

Jeremy said...

This struck me as appropriate, from Tim Kreider's "The Pain - When Will It End" comic:

"...It beggared my imagination that anybody other than his immediate family or the mentally retarded would vote for George Bush in 2004; that anyone would vote Republican now, after the last eight years, leaves me, for once, so boggled as to find myself without comment. The stupidity of the American voter is without limit; it is like perpetual motion, like faster-than-light drive, freakish, impossible, an affront to the laws of nature. Half the people in this country apparently feel they haven’t been fucked over quite enough yet. They are still optimistic that things could be worse."
(from his recent panel on his love affair with Obama:

Bruce Cordell said...

Speaking of Sarah, this was written by someone who is in the know. Palin doesn't come off quite so scary as the left would like to paint her, but it's still clear she is probably not qualified to lead the country should McCain croak (and it's clear she doesn't give two figs about the environment):