Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Strange Character Generator Is Live

Hello, players of The Strange!

UPDATE 2024: Well, guess what! MCG launched a Cypher System character builder! It's not quite as recursive as the original character builder for The Strange, but it'll prove a fabulous start for creating your character, using different instances for when your character visits alternate recursions on the Dark Energy Network where planetovores roam. Check it out!

UPDATE 2019: Our online character sheet resource for The Strange has translated into a recursion we can't currently reach.

Why? This is probably not 100% accurate, so take it with a grain of salt. My understanding is that the code base was aging. Rather than keeping up a buggy and perhaps an insecure site, and one that wasn't getting enough use to justify the expense of a re-design, it was determined that the best option was to decommission it.

These days, I'd suggest just using a form-fillable Cypher System character sheet and the books you want to draw from, downloadable and free here:

You can also download a free version of The Strange character sheet specifically, though I'm afraid it's not form-fillable, though certainly easily printed:

As you may recall, one of the early stretch goals we reached during the Kickstarter campaign for The Strange was an online character generator. We’re super excited to announce that it’s now live! You can find it at:

You can now build, maintain, advance, translate, and print characters for The Strange quickly and easily. You can create and save as many characters as you like, and it’s completely free of charge for all fans of The Strange. Check it out!

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