Friday, June 11, 2021

Batgirl Vs. The Insidious Ache

Hi folks!

A few days ago,  Batgirl became part cyborg. She got a new hip to replace the one injured in a battle with her arch-nemesis, the Insidious Ache. 

The surgery went well. But we had a tougher first night than either of us expected. The next day's breakthrough pain was so severe I was placing calls to her surgeon (as the instruction sheet they sent us home with said I should).

Thankfully, she turned a corner for the better on day 3 (yesterday). In fact, last night we were able to finally make it upstairs to the bedroom to sleep instead of us sleeping downstairs on the couch. Sleep, I missed you...

It seems like we're heading in the right direction, finally. Soon (well, in a little less than six weeks, if the prognosis holds), she'll be back, better than ever with an arthritis-free artificial hip. (Cue Bionic Woman theme music.)

[Photo by Aaron Barnaby on Unsplash]

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