Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Realms of War Realms Anthology

If you haven't read about this on one of the other author blogs below, well, allow me to let you know that the Forgotten Realms story anthology Realms of War is now on sale. You'll find the following stories included:

"Continuum," Paul S. Kemp
"Weasel's Run," Lisa Smedman
"The Last Paladin of Ilmater," Susan J. Morris
"Black Arrow," Bruce R. Cordell
"Too Many Princes," Ed Greenwood
"The Siege of Zerith Hold," Jess Lebow
"Mercy's Reward," Mark Sehestedt
"Redemption," Elaine Cunningham
"Changing Tides," Mel Odom
"Chase the Dark, Jaleigh Johnson
"Bones and Stones," R.A. Salvatore
"Second Chance," Richard Lee Byers
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