Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Realms of War Realms Anthology

If you haven't read about this on one of the other author blogs below, well, allow me to let you know that the Forgotten Realms story anthology Realms of War is now on sale. You'll find the following stories included:

"Continuum," Paul S. Kemp
"Weasel's Run," Lisa Smedman
"The Last Paladin of Ilmater," Susan J. Morris
"Black Arrow," Bruce R. Cordell
"Too Many Princes," Ed Greenwood
"The Siege of Zerith Hold," Jess Lebow
"Mercy's Reward," Mark Sehestedt
"Redemption," Elaine Cunningham
"Changing Tides," Mel Odom
"Chase the Dark, Jaleigh Johnson
"Bones and Stones," R.A. Salvatore
"Second Chance," Richard Lee Byers


John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

I have got to get to Borders with my Christmas gift card!

Bruce Cordell said...

Hey, that reminds me, I've got a Borders Christmas gift card to use, too!

Jeff LaSala said...

I'm definitely picking this one up. My wife handles special orders at Borders, incidentally, so I'll ask her if she can make a nice side display for this one. Just as I intend to have her do for my book. ;) It's nice to have connections in the book retail world.

Bruce Cordell said...


That is a nice connection!

Wow, the Darkwood Mask has a sweet cover (not to judge the book by it, but, you know, it's nice) :-)

Jeff LaSala said...

Hah. Please do judge it by its cover! Michael Komarck has set my story to a very high standard with that depiction.

But yeah, I'm overwhelmed by how cool that art is.

Unknown said...

Bought a copy yesterday and plan to read it this weekend.

who hopes to get into one of the next anthologies one of these days, but didn't get invited to this one

Bruce Cordell said...


Hope you enjoy it! And, hope you get in on one in the future :-)

Dee Cordell said...

When do you think your wife will be getting a copy of this book?

Your Wife

Bruce Cordell said...


You know what's mine is yours ;-). Now that you bring it up, I wonder where my author copies are?