Monday, February 11, 2008

Deaths and Births

Don't worry, I'm not talking pets or humans.

I'm talking, first, my 5 year old 17" Mac Powerbook. It died this weekend. This machine has seen hard use, day in and day out, running 9+ hours a day. It is the tool I used to write pretty much everything since 2003. I will miss you, Mac Powerbook.

On the lighter side, I finished the 2nd draft of a Forgotten Realms novel last night (on my wife's computer). I started this one last March, turned in the 1st draft in December, got back comments, and here we are in February, done! I'm not sure I can divulge the name yet, as it hasn't yet appeared in a catalog or on Amazon.

I have two weeks free before I have to get to work on the second in the trilogy. Perhaps a new laptop solution will find me before then.
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