Monday, February 11, 2008

Deaths and Births

Don't worry, I'm not talking pets or humans.

I'm talking, first, my 5 year old 17" Mac Powerbook. It died this weekend. This machine has seen hard use, day in and day out, running 9+ hours a day. It is the tool I used to write pretty much everything since 2003. I will miss you, Mac Powerbook.

On the lighter side, I finished the 2nd draft of a Forgotten Realms novel last night (on my wife's computer). I started this one last March, turned in the 1st draft in December, got back comments, and here we are in February, done! I'm not sure I can divulge the name yet, as it hasn't yet appeared in a catalog or on Amazon.

I have two weeks free before I have to get to work on the second in the trilogy. Perhaps a new laptop solution will find me before then.


John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

Looking forward to the big reveal. Congrats on getting the hardest part done (I think.)

Can't wait to read a copy.

Bruce Cordell said...

Thanks John. I don't know if the hardest part is done, sadly. In two weeks, I have to outline book 2; that could prove hardest. Until Book 3 next year, that is ;-).

I think that in the short term I'm going to see if I can rehabilitate my old iBook orange clamshell for the outline. Longer term, who knows?

Unknown said...


any chance you will write a FR book dealing with Jhaamdath?? I would love to see some psionic goodness for the Realms.

Bruce Cordell said...


Hmm, an interesting idea, I'll have to think on that.