Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working like Mad

I'm working like mad to finish a project at Wizards, a game book due out in early 2009. This is a big project, which means two freelancers in addition to me contributed content. Besides writing, it also falls to me to stitch together the material of all the contributors into a cohesive whole.* That means answering questions of the freelancers along the way, providing feedback on milestone turnovers they provide, and then putting all the various pieces of the book together chapter by chapter, not just text, but also the art and maps. This week I've been entirely consumed with putting together the art and map order, which is quite a process. Each order will go to an artist or cartographer who will create the art scene requested--in a 288 page book, you're looking at around 135 pieces of art.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and intend to turn over the complete project, fitted and vetted, with art order and all other expected components by tomorrow evening.

Then, I take a week off!

Of course, I'm taking a week off to write an outline for another project (this one a novel whose outline requirements are rather different than a game book). Where's my vacation? But I look on the bright side; at least I've managed my schedule well enough that everything fits!

*This role of writer and project lead is one I recently assumed for the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and another book which freelancers are even now beginning due out later in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

You know what book I'd love for WotC to revisit for 4e with you at the helm (but know that they won't, given their history with their "mature" books and their reaction to actual mature content like the BoEF)?

City of Sin. When I read about it in the pages of the last print Dragon, I was saddened. And it just hit me, perusing that Dragon again and seeing it again, that as impossible a dream as that is, City of Sin for 4e would be something I would buy immediately, as I'm pumped about 4e rules, and was pumped/sad to read about it in the final print Dragon.