Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is How A Caucus Works?

I could give several lame excuses why I didn't know (and probably still don't really know) how the Democratic caucus for choosing a presidential candidate in WA works. But, now I know; I just found out earlier this week.

For instance, I had no idea that my vote-by-mail in the primary for Barack means zilch. Window-dressing, my friends. Really. If you live in WA and you think your Democratic vote for one of the candidates means something... well, read on.

Apparently in WA if you're a Democrat, if you want to have any voice whatsoever in choosing your party's candidate, you must show up at the caucus physically. This Saturday.

At the caucus, apparently, choosing delegate numbers comes down to how many people are standing in the Obama group vs. the Clinton group when the caucus concludes (after you get a chance to tell everyone there why they should really be in your group). The number is counted, from which is alloted a proportional number of delegates to each candidate.

So, go to your caucus on Saturday, even if you voted in the (apparently meaningless) primary!

Want more info about WA caucuses and where to go if you want to spend a couple hours helping choose a new direction for our country? Visit this link.

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