Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clinton's Motives

I really hope David Brin's new theory on what's up with Hillary isn't true. I've been thinking it's the stupidity of ego and a sense of "I'm owed this" that's keeping her in the race despite the divide she's creating among the Democrats.

If she had been a gracious, positive campaigner from the start (as Barack has been, other than to point out how Hillary keeps playing dirty pool), the supporters of either candidate would be far more likely to throw in behind the eventual winner.

But it almost seems like she is purposefully creating ill-will. I know I was shocked then saddened to see her jump down into the pig-sty with Gibson and Stephanopoulos during the last debate with rare gusto. Someone with the ability to be a leader might have said, "Really? These are the questions that concern America? I don't have time to pursue silly aspersions concerning my esteemed opponent." But, no. She said something like, "I think these issues [concerning Barack's pastor's speech 7 years ago!?!] need further exploration."

So try Brin's supposition on for size (actually one of his reader's):
“She knows she can't win the nomination this year, so she intends to make sure no Democrat does, leaving herself one more shot in 2012.”

No, it makes no logical sense. But can anyone now picture her actually kissing and making up, now? Or spending 16 hour days rallying her followers back into the fold for November? Like Achilles, she will sulk in her tent... hoping that, like Achilles, she will be begged to come back and lead the dems to victory.

If this is her strategy, I'm afraid it might just be working.

Great. If there is anything this country needs, it is another 4 years of Republican hegemony tied to the corporate teat by a president who thinks the Iraq war is accomplishing something other than the looting of our country's coffers.
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