Friday, April 4, 2008

Embarrassment of Riches

I find myself with a few hours of free time on my hands... and I am paralyzed by indecision because I have so many interesting choices. I could finish the Peter Watts book I'm reading. I could watch the Ultimate Fighter episode I downloaded from iTunes. I could play Halo 3. I could continue recording my novel Stardeep as a series of podcasts. I could mess around on the internet. I could blog... Well, strike one from the list.

It's a little too much, isn't it? Embarrassing. I've already done housework, I've already tended to the animals. I've already exercised. So... I think I'll eat. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Anonymous said...

Free time? What's that?!

So many good choices, though. If you want an outsider's opinion... Watts and podcasting sound good to me.

Sara J. said...

At least you remember to eat! That's my one major life failing. I must be a freak of evolution ;)