Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tension between Tweet and Blog

It used to be that pressure would build , the pressure to write something on my blog. For a while, I posted every day, if you remember. But now with Twitter in my life, I find it much easier to microblog an interesting thought there... and my poor blog loses out.

And then there's my recent presence on Facebook! That whole ecosystem of community can suck up all your time.

Add that to the fact that I just revived my Wizards Staff Blog.

Wizards blog, Facebook and Twitter together means... hardly any blogging here.

But hardly any doesn't mean none!

Sometimes a person's got to talk computers, politics, martial arts, environment... whatever. And spend more than 140 characters to do so. This'll remain the place for that.


Daniel said...

Maybe I'm the only one, but at least this one reader would like an "all in one"-blog much better. I absolutely woulnd't want to check two or even three places to see what you have written. about splintering your customer base... ;)

Imo, the great tahing about your blog is that you don't only write about DND but politics, science and other interesting stuff as well. I know that everyone has a different taste, but this melange gives your blog a place on the very short list of online diaries I check almost daily.

Bruce Cordell said...

Hey thanks :-).

Well, the tweet of the moment will show up on the right hand side of this page, at least. And I may continue to quote my game blog entries here, if they seem 'important' enough to do so :-).