Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democratic Debate?

I watched Sen. Obama debate Sen. Clinton last night. At least for a while, until I couldn't take it any more. I was shocked to see the debate moderators spend so much time on such insanely mundane topics. Pastors? Elitism? Flag pins? Really? What a load of horse manure.

I've been in many debates--I enjoyed a career of it in high school (my partner and I won our state debate tournament). So I can safely tell you that what I saw was not a debate. It was... I don't know. A side show? Something designed to debase both candidates?

However, I was heartened to see Obama repeatedly but respectfully "scold" the moderators for the manufactured issues they seemed most interested in dwelling on. Obama attempted to wrench the debate back to issues of significance (while Sen. Clinton seemed all to willing to stick with the minutia, to my great and real disappointment).

Even in such a ludicrous format, Obama showed himself to be a leader. Let's get this man elected and move forward saving this country, shall we?
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