Friday, July 25, 2008

Jasmine Needs A Home

UPDATE: Jasmine has been adopted! Thanks for your interest. Stayed tuned for future foster cat video updates, should more foster cats find their way into our home.

The King County Animal Care & Control shelter has many great foster cats ready to find their permanent homes, including Jasmine, who we are currently fostering. If you would like to adopt Jasmine, please email dee dot cordell at kingcounty dot gov. To help you decide, please enjoy a video I made of Jasmine.

While in our home, Jasmine interacted with our dog and several cats. She loves to sit on a lap, she loves to flop on her back to have her belly rubbed; generally, she just loves attention. She's very calm and sweet, likes to knead and give love nibbles, and is ready to go into her forever home.


Unknown said...

what a kick ass cat. we just took in another one, or i'd have her.

coming from your house, i bet she can roll a wicked d12.

Unknown said...

Seems like a nice cat... wish I could take her but I have two now in a small apartment.

Good luck finding her a home!