Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plague of Spells Reviews

In the spirit of book promotion,I sent out my author copies of Plague of Spells to online sites that review fantasy novels about four weeks ago. Now, the reviews are coming in! Take a look:

Grasping For the Wind

The Beezer Review

Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

Take a look at what the reviewers are saying!


Anonymous said...

The link for Grasping for the Wind goes nowhere. The url attached is http:///

I really liked the other two reviews, which reminds me of something...

adds book to Christmas wish list

Bruce Cordell said...

Fixed! Thanks for the note :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice reviews, I can't wait to read your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce.

I really liked the book. Fortunately, the wait for the second instalment won't be long. :) Now, I'm considering buying 'Darkvision', since the new FRCG has a very interesting entry about Imaskar.

Someone on the WotC forums mentioned Pandorym... and it reminded me of one question I wanted to ask you long ago (I have forgotten of course). Where in the new 4E cosmology does Pandorym come form? The Far Realm? What level would you give it?

Bruce Cordell said...


Pandorym, as I envisioned it when I wrote Darkvision, actually comes from a parallel universe, not the Far Realm. A version of Pandorym appeared later in Elder Evils, where even a shard of its essence was described as level 25. I'd go with that. The fully animate Pandorym..., well, it'd be tough enough to kill gods :-).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering, Bruce.