Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama Plays It Cool


Anonymous said...

Hi Brcue.

I've just finished "Plague of Spells". Could you tell me what levels Raidon and Japheth are? The warlock need to be at least 15 (he used Curse of the Golden Mist on the kraken).

Is the Blight of Writhing Shadows your original warlock sepll? I haven;t found it in the PHB.

Bruce Cordell said...


Very perceptive! All the main characters are in the paragon tier, and as you've noted Japheth is at least 15th.

And yes several of the spells and so on used by the characters are drawn from unique sources, not all published (although a few of Japheth's spells are from anarticle I wrote for DDi called Wish Upon a Star).

Take care