Sunday, May 2, 2010

Professor Darkcoat Foiled

I dreamed I had hot sauce so hot it gave me acid burns on my lips. Oh yeah, and that my dog Hektor could drive a car. I think the dreams were of a piece--I had to allay Professor Darkcoat's suspicions about me. To do so, of course, I had to convince him I was the kind of person who would burn his lips with hot sauce that measured "psychotic" on the Scoville scale, while at the same time, being the kind of person smart enough to train his dog to drive a car, apparently.

Alright, enough messing around on the internet; time to hit the coal face of my next 1000 words. But, hey, I finished proofing Key of Stars! So on that point, I'm made of win.

1 comment:

chadao said...

Well, we all knew that Hektor could drive a chariot.