Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I went to Savanah and ran a game of The Strange

Last weekend I visited The Guild Hall in Savannah, GA for its grand opening, and to help them celebrate, run games, and sign books.

During the game, I'm afraid I had to call a player out... as a betrayer! That's what you get for putting on devices that optically edit your memories. Sure, it's cool to have a nimbus that you can collimate into a beam of lased destruction, but at what cost?

But in the end, all was forgiven. A breach of Ardeyn up to Earth was sealed, Father Foss got his just rewards, and none of the player characters were shuffled off this mortal coil. Great fun, in fact, was had by all, including me.

I provide another perspective of my experience at The Guild Hall here, at the MCG blog:


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